About Approved Industries , Inc

Approved Industries  has a long history inventing products that make homes warmer and safer through venting technology. Together, they have trained chimney and venting professionals throughout North America and currently support a network of Installers and Registered Agents from Maine to California.

In 1997, we founded a company called Thermocrete USA, Inc. to bring a new product from the UK to the American market. Two generations now continue to lead the team bringing experience and science together to provide modern technology to an ancient industry.

The success of Thermocrete® as a solution for damaged chimneys led Thermocrete USA, Inc. to launch the development of an ever-increasing number of chimney repair products, such as Smoktite and Dynacote.

As more products were developed, it became evident that a larger company was needed to represent them all adequately and thus Approved Industries, was formed.


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